WHITE RHINOCEROS (Ceratotherium simum)

The White Rhino is on the threatened specie list and the numbers keep on decreasing due to poaching in South Africa. White Rhino is one of the Big 5.

Big rhino bulls can weigh up to 2300 kg and cows up to 1700kg with a shoulder height of 1.8m

The Afrikaans name is Wit Renoster, Venda Tshugulu and in Shona Chipembere.

White rhino are very relaxed animals compared to the Black Rhino and they will never hurt someone without good reason. The White rhino can run up to 45 km/h.

You will find small herds of one mature bull and 3-5 females.

The White rhino have a flat lip while the Black rhino have a pointed lip.

They prefer short grass and water must be close by.

Pregnancy lasts 480 days and the calf can weigh up to 45 kg at birth.

The actual track is 27cm long and 24cm wide.