Waterbuck (Kobus Ellipsiprymnus)

Waterbuck is one of the larger species antelope with bulls weighing up to 270 kg. Only the males have horns and horns of up to 35” have been written down in the record books. The shoulder height they reach is around 1.3 m.

Waterbuck skin is mostly hair with a strange smell. They also live close to water and in herds with up to 30 animals. Younger bulls get chased out of the main herd and then form their own bull herd.

The Afrikaans name is Waterbok, Zulu Phiva and Venda Phidwa.

They are mainly grass eaters and give birth to calves throughout the year after a 285 day gestation period. The calves never join the herd immediately since they are too weak. They get hidden away for a few weeks until the calves are strong enough to survive against predators.

The actual track is 9 cm long.