Warthog (Phacochoerus Africanus)

The Warthog is very common and you can find them on almost every farm in South Africa. They are known for the holes underneath fences to travel between farms.

Big bores can weigh up to 110 kg. Both males and females have tusks, and only when these animals are very old the tusks get big. Male warthog with up to 18” tusks have been written in the record books. The shoulder height of these pigs can reach 70 cm.

In Afrikaans they are called Vlakvarke, in Shona Njiri and in Sotho Kolobe.

They live in holes in the ground. On hot days you will find these animals rolling in mud. These warthogs are very powerful and tough animals and they will never run away if you intimidate them. Numerous times people have seen that warthog challenge even leopard.

They eat roots and grass. Pregnancy is about 180 days and sometimes up to 9 babies can be born, each weighing up to 800 g.