Not only does African Wildlife Export export animals, but we are able to assist our clients with services covering the entire wildlife industry.

We offer a wide range of services to clients / ranchers internationally, whether you are a breeder or not.

Since we have numerous years of experience we are able to assist you with the correct advice and training. We give our full attention to each individual case and treat each client individually according to his/her needs.

We specialize in Rhino and Giraffe exports, although we export all African Wildlife.

African Wildlife Export can assist you with anything related to the Wildlife Industry. To mention only a few:

  • African Wildlife Export assists with workshops and can line up experts in the industry to perform at seminars.
  • We assist new and current breeders with managing their animals and farming with them.
  • How to manage your breeding / wildlife animals
  • Noticing when animals are sick and how to handle it
  • The correct feeding
  • Software to manage herds as well as progeny
  • Important rules of Wildlife Breeding
  • Using technology to simplify your work
  • How animals need to adapt
  • Goals – tourism / hunting / breeding material
  • Genetic choices
  • Different bloodlines
  • Purchase of new animals and bloodlines
  • We also provide new ranchers/importers with ideas on how to establish their new facilities or how to get the current establishment onto track
  • How to notice strange behaviour
  • Helicopter services
  • Translocation trucks
  • Veterinarian services
  • Fencing
  • Camp planning
  • Grazing planning
  • Disease control
  • Building Bomas
  • Building water and feeding points
  • Annual visits
  • Tagging and identifying your animals

Please contact African Wildlife Export with your specific needs. We can accommodate your needs according to your operation.

We are able to accommodate visitors from abroad and show them how we do it here in South Africa. Please take the time and pay us a visit or contact us for advice.

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