Sable Antelope(Hippotragusnigerniger)

Stories have it that the first human to be killed in the Kruger National Park, was by a sable antelope. Sable males and females both have horns. Males usually are much darker and bigger than females which are sometimes reddish in colour. The male horns are also thicker with horns bending to the back.

Sable bulls can reach a shoulder height of 140cm and weight of 230kg.

In Afrikaans the name is Swartwitpens, in Venda and Sotho Phalafala and in Zulu Mpalampale.

Sable male horns can reach up to 52+”. The females can reach up to 35”. These animals are very territorial and only one mature bull can be with cows; a second bull will be killed by the stronger bull. Small bulls (calves) will be chased out of the herd from 18 months, at which age they start to get ready for mating and proofs to be competition for the main bull.

They eat mostly grass and need water daily. During dry seasons they will eat leaves as well. It is critical for sable to have access to water daily.

Sable usually live in herds from 10 – 30 animals.

Sable cows give birth to a single calf after 270 days and the cows leave the herd when giving birth. The calf does not join the herd for a few weeks.

The actual track is 9cm long.