Red Hartebeest (Alcelaphus Buselaphus)

Both male and female Red Hartebeest have horns. However male horns are much thicker than those of the cows. It is quite easy to distinguish between the males and females.

Red Hartebeest can reach a shoulder height of 138 cm and 160 kg.

These golden brown animals are mostly findable on open grass fields with some trees.

In Afrikaans the name is Rooihartbees, in Xhosa Xhama and in Shonga Ngama.

The herd can be small and then there are herds of over a thousand animals.

Red Hartebeest prefer long grass and is not dependable on water and can live without it for longer periods.

Calves get born after 245 days, away from herds.

The actual track is 12 cm long.