Kudu (Tragelaphus Strepsiceros)

The kudu is a grey/brown animal that can weigh up to 270 kg with big spiral horns that can reach 60” and over. Only the males have horns. Big kudu bulls can reach a shoulder height of 1.2m tall.

Kudu is common in South Africa and you can see these beautiful animals on most farms.

They prefer bush and you will not find them in the open grass fields. They are also fairly independent of water.

In Afrikaans the name is Koedoe, in Shona Nhoro and in Tswana Tholo.

They live in herds of up to 20 animals. Most of the times there will be both males and females in a herd, but only one mature dominant bull.

These animals can also jump very high; people have noticed big bulls jump higher than 2 meters.

The cows give birth after 210 days to small single small calves that can weigh up to 18 kg.

The actual track can be 9 cm long.