Impala (Aepyceros Melampus)

Impala are commonly found on most South African farms. The ewes have no horns and rams’ horns can reach up to 25”. These animals are not dangerous and will rather run away from humans.

Big Impala rams can reach a shoulder height of 90 cm and weight between 50-55 kg.

In Afrikaans they are called Rooibok, in Shona Mhara and in Venda Phala.

Impala prefer bush where they can hide and will avoid open grass fields and mountains. Impala can survive without any water. They eat grass as well as leaves.

They will usually be found in small herds, up to 15 ewes and one dominant ram that will fight against other rams who want to enter his territory. The male that wins the fight will then have the opportunity to take the females and mate.

After 210 days the ewes give birth to lambs that are very small and will weigh up to 6 kg.

The actual track is 4-6 cm long.