Hippo (Hippopotamus amphibious)

People usually argue about whether the Cape buffalo or the Hippo is the most dangerous and deadliest animal in Africa. According to statistics Hippo kill the most humans in Africa annually.

They have enormous bodies with bulls that weigh up to 2 100 kg. These deadly animals can run up to 35 km/h and can reach a shoulder height of 1.4 m. They have very big teeth that can bite a human in half.

In Afrikaans they are called Seekoei, in Zulu and Xhosa Mvubu and in Shangaan and Tsonga Mpfubu.

In order to survive, hippo needs enough water. They prefer perennial water with a soil bottom.

Hippo also eats grass and at night you will find them on the grass fields close to the water.

Full- grown hippos can stay longer than 8 minutes under water. The gestation period is about 260 days and the newborn calf can weigh up to 60 kg. The cow will never give birth in the water but prefer thick bush.

The bulls are very territorial and these fights can easily lead to death.

The actual track is 25 cm wide.