Common Eland (Taurotragus Oryx)

Eland is the biggest antelope in Africa. Big eland bulls can weigh up to 900+ kg. They have a red/golden skin colour with both male and female having horns. Usually the female horns are longer than the bulls’ horns.

These massive antelopes can reach a shoulder height of 175 cm.

They prefer open grass fields with some trees. It is common that big eland bulls will break trees and branches to show their masculinity. They are also independent of water.

In Afrikaans the name is Eland, Mpofu in Zulu and Xhosa and Impofu in Ndebele.

Herds of up to 400 animals are not unusual with both male and females mixed. These big bodied animals can jump very high, up to 2.4m high.

Pregnancy is usually around 260 days and single calves are born.

Their tracks are about 14 cm long.