Cape Buffalo (Syncerus Caffer)

The first thing that comes to mind when you talk about Africa is the Cape Buffalo. This very aggressive specie is on top of the most hunters’ hunting list.

The buffalo, which forms part of the mighty Big 5, can weigh up to 750 kg with an average horn length of 40 inch and shoulder height of 1.5m. Both males and females have horns.

These animals are called Buffel in Afrikaans, Nyathi in Zulu and Nyari in Shangaan.

They prefer grass fields and they need water to survive. These animals walk in different groups. Sometimes you will find one mature bull with 20 – 30 females, and then you will find big herds of up to 600 animals with males and females mixed.

It is very common to see old bulls chased away from the herds, known as “dugga bulls”.

Females give birth to a single calf that weighs up to 45 kg. The duration of the pregnancy is around 340 days. The calf forms part of the herd just moments after its birth.

The actual track is up to 15 cm long.