Bushbuck (Tragelaphus Scriptus)

The Bushbuck looks very similar to the Nyala and people often get confused by these two species. Just like nyala only the males have horns, not the females. The difference is that bushbuck males have shorter horns (up to 17”) and nyala have bigger horns (up to 33”).

A male Bushbuck is called a ram whereas a male Nyala is called a bull.

Big bushbuck rams can weigh up to 60 kg.

These animals are called Bosbok in Afrikaans and Tshoso in Sotho.

You will find these animals in very thick bush, close to water. Commonly you will find one male and one female, with a lamb. It is uncommon to find these animals in herds, although there have been incidents where people have seen more than one female with a male.

Lambs get born after 180 days. The lamb will be hidden for a few months since the risk for predators is very high, especially Caracals that also live in these areas.

The actual spoor of the bushbuck is 5 cm long.