Blue Wildebeest (Connochaetes Taurinus)

Both Blue Wildebeest males and females have horns. The males’ horns are thicker and wider than the most females’. It is very difficult to distinguish between the male and female wildebeest.

Big Wildebeest bulls can reach a shoulder height of 135 cm high and weigh up to 250 kg. Some people reckon that a wounded animal will not run away, but rather attack the enemy.

They also have a loud nasal snort sound. Their sight is not as good as other animals’ but their hearing and smell senses are very good.

Their tails are very long; up to 60 cm. 25” Horns on cows are rather big, while mature bulls’ horns can grow up to 33”. Wildebeest walk in herds of up to 35 animals.

They are grass eaters and prefer open grass fields. They also prefer shorter grass to longer grass. These animals must have access to water, otherwise they cannot survive.

Gestation period is about 250 days.