African Animals Export

Since we believe in strong conservation, the welfare of the animals is always our first priority and we always promote biodiversity and sustainable utilization. We provide the wide range of African animals export. We have successfully exported animals to numerous countries and we provide a complete back-up service to our clients, even after you have taken delivery.

At African Wildlife Exports we provide you with the knowledge and training to ensure that your program is a success. From feeding and breeding to bedding and fencing, our expertise and experience will be shared with you from day one. Whether your a first time breeder or someone just looking to make additions to their ranch, your live animal export has never been in safer or more professional hands.
Not only do you get expert live animal export, you also get the following:

  • Education on breeding/management
  • Education on how to recognize illnesses or strange behavior
  • Feeding software
  • Enlightenment on using technology to simplify your work
  • Boma building tips
  • Education on disease control
  • Veterinarian services
  • Grazing planing
  • Tips for building water and feeding points
  • Education on genetic choices and the importance of bloodlines and Much, much more

Don’t Leave Your Investment In Anyone Else’s Hands

Your live animal export needs are vast, no matter if it’s a single animal or more. There’s much more to the process than just making a purchase and awaiting your delivery and African Wildlife Exports will be there for you every single step of the way. We truly care about both the wildlife and you, and we want both to prosper and thrive.

Live animal exports from South Africa is the best way to gain those highly desired animals that you’ve been longing for. Most of our animals can be exported to any country and we always provide the proper permits and required legalities. Contact us today for wildlife exports and get your live animal export completed faster and with less frustration that you would have ever thought possible.

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